Why Alumier???

Are you tired of spending money on products that just seem to be touching the surface? Showing little or no result for your skin?

It’s time to switch to Medical Grade! Active ingredients that do just that! They work deep down on a cellular level to bring you the results you want to see…

This beautiful lady is ‘mum’, and this is a before and after taken just one month after starting a new skincare routine (no other treatments, just skincare!)  As you can see the skin is a lot healthier, pigmentation is reduced and volume to the mid cheek has lifted that sunken apex.  This has softened the fine lines and wrinkles and given mum a lovely glow again.

Bringing the love back…

Working together to build a treatment plan, looking at budget, time management and specific concerns.  As you can see with a good routine and tailored treatment plan we can help guide your skin back to how it should be, making you enjoy your skin again is what I love about this industry.

Whether it’s Ageing, Acne, Rosacea or Pigmentation…

Nurse Sally will use the targeted Alumier range to manage and maintain your skincare concerns and advise on any treatments that would also help to reduce and manage your skin complaint.


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